Shopping Tips for Laundry Appliances

Tuesday Apr 17th, 2018


Buying a new laundry pair can feel overwhelming — a trip to your local big box store can feel like an onslaught of features and benefits. How can you cut through the clutter to find a washer and dryer that will truly make your life easier? Take a few tips from Mike Holmes, Canada's most trusted contractor and handyman. For him, it's all about three key decisions: 

1. The right format. While front-load laundry appliances were all the rage a few years ago, top load laundry pairs are making a big comeback. They're just as energy-efficient and often more functional, with a more ergonomic design and an agitator to get really tough on dirt. Plus, because the top-load style doesn't require a tight seal, you reduce the possibility of nasty mould and mildew build-up. 

2. The right features. While you may not use every feature and benefit on your laundry pair, there are a few to look for that make a big difference. The smart dispense system offered by GE Appliances, for example, allows you to add up to two months' worth of detergent at once — the machine will then automatically dispense the right amount for every load. Another great feature is deep fill, which is an easy way to add additional water with the touch of a button and ensures your most heavily soiled laundry comes out clean every time.

3. The right finish. Finally, think about the look of your laundry room when you are selecting the materials. We've come a long way from Plain Jane laundry pairs — manufacturers are now offering beautiful colours and finishes to spruce up any space. 

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